Mass Timber Buildings Need To Embrace Fire Protection

There is only One great builder in the USA Today that is fire defending 100% of their wood framed high density stick framed projects, but more and more are beginning to see the value. 17 wood framed projects have been lost to fire already in 2019. Every job we lose not only creates radical greenhouse gas but releases all the carbon that was stored in the lumber. The Mass Timber Movement is good but if one is lost to fire during construction it could set this great movement back decades.

Architects, Engineers and Builders need to get involved and support all the new efforts to help plant more trees to sequester CO2. We can't afford to only be focused on critical path so we can build more faster without adding to a better built project. Everyone needs to support new efforts that support a Balanced Build.

"Study gauges trees potential to slow global warming in the future, so using more lumber and less concrete and steel helps."" August 12, 2019 , Stanford University.

An international team led by scientists at Stanford University and the Autonomous University of Barcelona find reason to hope trees will continue to suck up carbon dioxide at generous rates through at least the end of the century. However, the study published Aug. 12 in Nature Climate Change warns that trees can only absorb a fraction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and their ability to do so beyond 2100 is unclear.

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